Engineers for a Sustainable Future has studied the potential for offshore wind turbines being manufactured and maintained from a facility located in Coos Bay. We looked at indications that is a smart alternative. We have become convinced this is a huge opportunity. Almost every state in the country that has significant ocean shoreline has at least twice the energy available offshore as they use, now. So it is with California and Oregon. It is salvation for California's plans to go 100% green in 2045.

It is Coos Bay's blessing that they are a better port to support the installation and service in California — who seems ready to get started.

The North Spit is ideal as a base of operations for offshore wind platform deployment. It creates more jobs for a longer time with relatively insignificant environmental impact to southern Oregon.

Looking at it as an opportunity to green the electric grids of California and Oregon it is an amazing opportunity. People have written and published their expectations for California to take its grid with about 52 GW of summer peak load and use offshore wind to move up to two-thirds of that to green energy from non-green energy. And with the new news that dozens of companies are attempting to get in on helping California do this

(see http://esf-oregon.org/doku.php?id=offshore_wind#west_coast_free_for_all) it must be time to encourage Coos Bay to be ready, because surely they will be picking the service port soon.

Oregon's grid is about one-third the size of California's, and needs much greening, too.

Our thoughts are captured on our website (see http://esf-oregon.org/doku.php?id=offshore_wind), and our belief is that this is an amazing opportunity for Coos Bay. The opportunity will surely arise for the State of Oregon to participate in using offshore wind energy to move to green energy.

We are prepared to present this information, our research and supply additional information on request. We are pretty excited about it.

Edward Averill


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