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Our Group, Patriots for America's Well-Being, is an action group and we would like to get a message out, asking for Trump's resignation, or insist the 25th Amendment be invoked overriding VP Pence's inability to take this action.

Under current circumstances, the need seems greater than ever. Our country can't survive another six months of Trump's lack of leadership. Our mission is to make our voices heard, because in America, public opinion still matters.

We believe that he has attempted to destroy our country's democracy, for his own needs and has put America's national security in grave jeopardy, and does it on a DAILY basis, with NO regard for this country's best interest.

We are looking for ways to put our concerns out there for Americans who want to express their fears to the world because this is a worldwide problem. People from all over the world have joined our group with these concerns.

Fern Madden

Beverly, Mass


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