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In regard to the recent articles about illegal aliens being separated for their children. First we need to quit calling illegal aliens "immigrants!" Immigrants are people who come to this country legally and learn our language and become American citizens!

Senator Ron Wyden (the guy who lives in New York and claims to represent Oregon) and Senator Merkley and people on the left are blaming President Trump for separating illegal aliens from their children. Obama did the same thing when he was president and no one, including Wyden and Merkley, said a thing. I guess it is OK if the president is a Democrat!

Did it ever occur to these people that if you violate the law you go to jail? In the United States if you are arrested for committing a crime you are separated from your family and put in jail. If both parents of children are arrested, the children are taken to a child protection agency. Children of arrested illegal aliens are treated the same. They are not put in cages or mistreated as the left are implying.

It is about time that people start blaming the parents of these children who knew they were violating the law and they were putting their children at risk. Also, I do not believe that all these illegal aliens are really seeking asylum. It is just a way to get out of being sent back.

It is also time for our elected officials to start being concerned about American citizens first. Illegal aliens should not be here and are not entitled to any thing! It is time to put a stop to illegal border crossing, build the wall now!

Phil Shellabarger