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(A letter last week) notes … that Bi-mart employees don't don masks. Walmart workers only mask their mouths but not their noses and the State of Oregon releases prisoners into our community with a mask but only if they exhibit symptoms. Maybe we should protect everyone and just wear goggles like President Trump.

And while I am at it (another letter) noted in his letter how lucky we are that the virus only spreads at small business. I'd like to make a correction to his observation. We are also lucky that the virus only spreads at some public space locations. For instance playgrounds are breeding grounds whereas, for example, the Empire Boat Ramp facility where only (supposedly) house mates launch boats is open as is Empire Lakes which the city considers “safe” after the shooting. On the other hand a young boy may be glad the playgrounds and parks are closed since thrift stores are also closed. Having outgrown his jeans he probably would rather stay indoors than be seen at a park wearing an older sister's hand me down dress.

Charlotte Koepke

Coos Bay


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