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Accidents will happen at Jordan Cove

Regarding Jordan Cove, please remember one thing.

When they built Three Mile Island and Bhopal, India, they said the same thing:

“Don’t worry, it will be perfectly safe.”

Accidents happen ... one will happen at Jordan Cove ... and Coos County residents will die.

Joe Gleich

North Bend

Thanks for supporting South Coast Aquatic Team

The South Coast Aquatic Team, coaches, parents, and swimmers wish to thank the following sponsors and businesses that made our swim meet a success. Vend West, Pepsi, Four Paws Growler, BNT, Dr. Dallas Carter (NBMC), Honda World, Morgan Stanley, Reese Electric, Dr. Scott Roberts DDS, Sause Bros., The Human Bean , Fisher Dental, Elgin Orthodontics, Pacific Properties, Ken Ware Chevrolet, Compass Northwest Properties, Dr. William Bennett (Bay Area Foot Clinic), Dr. David Mussone (Bay Area Smile Care), U. S. Air Force, Lawrence Cheal and Julie Batchelor (NBMC Physical & Hand Therapy), NB Safeway, Fred Meyer, Dr. Alexey Markelov, SWOCC coach Sandra Bullock and her swimmers. Our thanks and gratitude to everyone in this community that have continued to support the South Coast Aquatic Team.

Rebecca Cowan

The South Coast Aquatic Team

North Bend

I don’t want to be a Smart Meter guinea pig

Make no mistake there are many of residents in Coos County who are not happy about the installation of smart meters by our local electric companies.

Nov. 1 we had a ‘town hall’ meeting for local residents to voice their concerns and over 70 people attended. Randal Barrett from Jackson County explained the health issues, privacy issues, and fire risk of these meters which do exist no matter what your electric company claims.

This was evident at the dog and pony propaganda show put on by Pacific Power on Thursday evening. When asked about the fire danger the rep said that yes they can catch on fire but that mainly occurs with businesses that have high usage.

What exactly does high usage mean? Are these meters not safe for businesses, apartment buildings, etc.? One rep demonstrated an EMF meter reading of an attendee’s cell phone emissions. The phone initially showed a high reading when turning on then calmed down. He then measured the smart meter which was merely plugged into a wall socket not a household or business electrical panel, so of course the reading was lower. When asked about the reading levels once an appliance or furnace turns on or once these meters are actually attached to an electrical panel, he pointed to his best guess on his chart, not a fact base answer.

Am I supposed to believe his estimate? I was at a friend’s house yesterday who demonstrated with his EMF meter how the smart meter pulses every 30 to 45 seconds at a very high rate. These meters obviously have not been proven to be safe. They are an invasive spying EMF emitting computer being attached to our residences and businesses against our will, and frankly I do not want to be a guinea pig.

Amy Levin

Coos Bay

It’s hard to argue with success

It appears my recent letter that I ask what proud Democrats were proud of really offended Phil Thompson. First he says he is a proud Democrat because he is not a Republican. That’s good, I am glad he is not a Republican!

He then ignores the questions that I ask. Are you proud of the lies, corruption and felonies of Hillary Clinton, the sexual predator Bill Clinton, Antifa’s violence, the despicable conduct of the Democrats and mobs during the Kavenaugh confirmation?

Mr. Thompson also did not like the fact that I said the Democrat Party is now the Socialist Party of hate, violence, and mob rule. Well Mr. Thompson just look around, your party just elected a bunch of socialists including Peter DeFazio, who has never denied being a socialist. And of course you have good old Bernie and Cortez. As for hate just watch your CNN and your other fake news channels and the other flakey liberals when the talk about Trump. Mob rule is a daily event.

Mr. Thompson says I should expand my horizons and stop getting all my info from Fox News, etc. Mr. Thompson you do not know where I get my news. I even watch some of the fake news channels for entertainment!

Then Mr. Thompson says Trump has never told the truth. Really? Apparently Mr. Thompson has never watched the Clintons or Peter DeFazio. Nobody can out lie them!

Then Mr. Thompson goes on to the old Democrat line about how the Republicans are going to cut Social Security and Medicare. Mr. Thompson do you even know how many years Democrats have harped on this? You forgot the one about pushing Granny over the cliff in her wheelchair.

I don’t think Mr. Thompson has noticed how well Trump has done with the economy or how low the unemployment is. You can hate Trump all you want but it is hard argue with success!

Mr. Thompson says I seem to dislike anyone with views that differ from mine and that is his opinion. I do have friends that have different opinions than mine and your opinion is worth little to nothing.

Have a nice day Phil.

Phil Shellabarger


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