“Commissioners pass ordinance on abandoned properties“ is a deceptive heading to the article published in The World newspaper on Monday, Dec. 3. This ordinance only applies to foreclosed properties in Coos County.

The ordinance is unrealistic (“lenders will inspect defaulted properties and register the property with the Coos Country Planning Department no later than 14 days from inspection!) and does not include ALL abandoned properties in rural areas which are mostly passed down through generations and not wanted or lived in. These properties are vacant — an invitation to potential code violations and crime and health issues.

I see it first hand. Nathanial Johnson, County Counsel, discussed the country’s safety concerns citing “possible health risks of built up solid waste and potential crime and drug use.

”Doesn’t this concern extend to ALL abandoned properties? My husband and I have spoken of this concern with Commissioner Melissa Cribbins several times to no avail. There are many abandoned properties that are legally owned and neglected that should be included in the ordinance 18-11-011L. You must have found money in the budget to hire many more Ordinance Officers than just Jason. If so, please send one of them out to Riverton!

Claudia Turner


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