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As a proud mother on this Mother’s Day, I am happy to endorse Sam Schwarz, my son, for Coos County Commissioner and reminding everyone to vote this week. It is the single most important power we the people have in a democracy.

Sam has worked with both sides of the political arena, bridging the gap between industry versus environment. His work includes over a decade of grassroots organizing in the Elliott State Forest and together with OSU and Salem, continue to work towards a viable resolution for all.

He has worked with Surfriders. His work with Oregon Coastal Energy Alliance, OCEAN, an offshore wind energy project can bring jobs in the clean energy sector, a goal for all energy conscious and union workers alike.

His work with numerous agencies, state, local and regional, has been to facilitate common threads to lead us to prosper. Check out (offshore wind energy) for more on that.

His support with Sustainable Development Association Team who makes “key” recommendations for Coos County including environment, economic development, corporation and planning downtown center and transportation.

As a hard-working community member empowering Coos County to thrive, he continues to be a team player for all of us attending meetings and bringing our voice to the table. There’s more info at for one.

Thanks, and remember to vote.

Barb Shamet



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