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We are men of honor, Jon Barton; lies do not become us. Your letter extolling the safety record of gas pipelines is putting lipstick on a pig.

The 2014 rupture and resulting fire at a 12-inch gas transmission line in West Virginia was caused by simple "land slippage." Land slippage is quite common on our coast. Your attempt to build a statistical case for comparative safety is a great example of a Sightline Institute statement: "The LNG industry is creating a false safety record, and current regulations allow the industry to do so."

This makes last month's shutdown of two LNG tanks at Sabine Pass, Louisiana, by the Federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (as detailed by John Clarke's excellent guest editorial in The World) even more critical. This was the 12th such incident since 2008; So at a frequency of less than once a year, the Sabine Pass LNG facility is presented with the opportunity for a catastrophic explosion. In 2014, the residents of Plymouth, Wash., witnessed a towering mushroom-shaped cloud from an eruption at their LNG facility. The explosion could be heard 6 miles away. 14.3 million cubic feet of vaporized LNG spewed from a large gash in the tank.

Boost Southwest Oregon was founded and funded by the original Canadian developers of Jordan Cove as a marketing arm to sell us on the project, which was turned down everywhere else on the West Coast. Why didn't they name the organization a more honest, "Boost Jordan Cove?" The usual suspects keep touting the money which will rain down upon us in exchange for our clean air. I credit their honesty when they explain that no locals will get any of the construction jobs, nor the pipeline jobs. I wonder if any local will get one of the coveted 150 plant jobs. I would like to understand how the taxable asset base will "more than double" when they are not going to pay real estate taxes, like you and I, but rather make payments in lieu of taxes. Is this a promise, and not an obligation?

A new Fred Meyer could provide 150 jobs, not as lucrative, but they would hire nearly all locals. We could continue to breathe clean air and sleep at night. Terrorists don't target Freddie's.

Ron Dudas

Coos Bay