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By now you have received the latest Voters' Pamphlet and have reviewed 6-178, a property tax levy to replace the current 911 system in Coos County. 

The summary and explanatory statement both fail to point out that this system has been failing for decades but the powers to be have chosen to ignore the problem until this point, where it is entirely possible at any moment the county will be left without an EMS system at all!

Don't take my word for it, have a conversation with a police officer, a fireman or a volunteer first responder, I'm sure they will concur, especially if they tread to the most rural areas of this county.

I think it's both right and good to question this lack of proactive thinking, it is all too prevalent throughout the counties and state governments. It leads to failure, waste in funding and leaving those that most need help without, then a scramble from those that should have addressed this problem to find funding to provide a service so essential to health and safety by placing that burden on a minority of its citizens.

I spent 50 years of my life working in the private sector and I witnessed several managers that ignored the maintenance of critical machine centers get their walking papers. But that same reality doesn't seem to exist in the government!

David Rose

Myrtle Point


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