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Your guest opinion by Thomas L. Knapp is a typical example of what I call propaganda to further a liberal cause. He has made it look like Georgia's new voting law is inhumane and designed to discourage voting. Nothing could be further from the truth. Read the Bill SB 202 easily found on line available here: Look on page 71 lines 1812 to 1817 for what it says about food and water. Look at page 6 lines 143 to 146 where the purpose of the bill is to make it "easy to vote and hard to cheat.”

Why would a voting bill restrict giving items to people in line? If you read the entire paragraph it becomes obvious. It is to prevent activist or others from trying to influence to vote of another. In the past many in line to vote have been enticed or intimidated to vote a certain way.

So, the Democrats' think it is OK to go down a line of voters and try to change the votes. Listen to the howling should another party try the same.

Obviously this article was an opinion piece and I think intentionally skewed and untrue to make the Republicans look silly and promote the passage of the unconstitutional (opinion) HR1 Democrat voting bill.

Our news media has become very good at misrepresenting issues. Be cautious and “question authority.”

James Innes

Coos Bay


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