For those of you visiting us from out of town for a few days, welcome to the Bay Area.

We hope you enjoy your visit.

For the locals, you will notice that the average height of young people in our county will rise significantly this week, that is because the State Class 3A Basketball Tournament is back in town.

The 16 participating teams (eight boys and eight girls) start arriving today, with dinners for the athletes and coaches on the schedule as well as the annual 3-point shootout taking place at North Bend High School at 7 p.m.

The action begins tomorrow at both Marshfield and North Bend high schools at 1:30 p.m. and continues until champions are crowned Saturday night. 

In all, including the consolation games, there are 11 games in each bracket for both boys and girls.

That's 22 games.

But wait, if that wasn't enough hoops action for you, Marshfield High has its Class 4A playoff games on Friday and Saturday right in the middle of the tournament.

Twenty-four basketball games in three days — March Madness starts a little early here.

The madness won't be confined to the court though. The rest of it happens in The World's newsroom as sports editor John Gunther and sports writer Sam Barbee work out their plans on how to cover and write about all 24 games.

This logistical nightmare is only compounded when you add in getting photographers to all 24 games and then getting the photos and the stories together for you, our readers.

If you want to keep up with all the action online or on your phone, John and Sam will be sending out Twitter reports updating the scores from the games. You can follow John at: @jguntherworld or Sam at: @sambarbee1 and you can also find the Tweets at #coospreps and #3ACoosBay. You can follow on our website: theworldlink.com as well. Go to the sports page and about halfway down on the right you'll see the Twitter feeds.

While our weather forecast for the next few days isn't great (a pretty good chance of rain Thursday and about 50-50 for the first part of Friday), it's got to be a lot better than most places in the state earlier this week.

It could be a lot worse than daytime temperatures up around 50.

While not technically beach weather, we hope that if you can't get out to the coast while you're here, that maybe you will come back in the summer and enjoy all the wonderful things the South Coast has to offer.

Enjoy the basketball. As always, we expect it will be memorable.

Have a great time while you are here.

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