Greetings World readers, I wanted to drop you a note of apology regarding our recent action taken to remove the TV Book.

For the most part, we don’t make content decisions on a whim. We discuss, research and implement our decisions with care and thoughtful planning. This wasn’t one of those times. The truth is that many markets across America have cut their TV Books with little or no concern from their readers. We clearly didn’t do enough research with you before we made this change. We also didn’t let you know the change was coming. And boy did we hear about it. You called, you emailed and you stopped by. Then you called and emailed again.

Bravo World readers, bravo.

You see we really do care about giving you things you want. We care immensely. That’s why we’re so committed to covering the local news. It’s what our readers want most. We’re proud of the work our news team brings you each and every publication day. Our focus is on things you can’t get anywhere else - Coos County news, city news, local sports and business updates. We’re also still printing The World in downtown Coos Bay and that feels special in 2019 with so many newspapers finding press help from afar. So when we hear such interest in something a little less newsy but just as helpful, like the TV listings, we’ll gladly admit we dropped the ball.

We also recognize that every community has things they resonate with that make that place unique. For example, Bandon’s Coffee Break publication is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a small market. The readers in our community love it, the businesses appreciate having it available and our advertisers enjoy the effectiveness of the messages they place there. For Coos County and Reedsport, the TV Book is one of the things we need to include in your local paper.

So here’s the good news: the TV grids you enjoy are back. We’ll be publishing them each week on Thursday in our weekly entertainment section, the South Coast Beat. Please tell your friends and spread the word that when you speak, we listen. Sometimes it just takes us a minute.

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