I’ve been listening to Oregonians directly impacted by the Jordan Cove LNG export terminal and fracked gas pipeline. A fisherman who fears LNG mega-tanker traffic could keep him from his livelihood at sea. A Tribal member worried for the future of salmon, steelhead, and sacred sites. Students on our campuses urging rapid transition off of fossil fuels because of dire climate impacts in their future. A resident of Coos County who would be burned alive by the LNG blast after the earthquake. Landowners showing me their beloved homes along the pipeline route, and the letters they’ve received from Pembina – the Canadian company behind Jordan Cove LNG – threatening eminent domain taking of their property. I’ve had south coast residents shed tears while telling me how tough this fight has been, and how grateful they are to be heard and supported by a candidate running for Congress. And that’s why I’m running: because we deserve a champion. 

I am a Democratic candidate running to serve as your first Congresswoman in Washington. When elected, I will do everything in my power to fight Jordan Cove LNG and bring family wage jobs in renewable energy to our communities. I am a proud signer of the no fossil fuel money pledge and will accept no corporate PAC money for my campaign—not from Jordan Cove LNG PAC, or any other corporate sponsors. I am running to represent you, not them. 

When you send me to Congress, I will use my platform to bring national political attention to this fight, just as Jordan Cove LNG boosters in Congress have been doing for years. I will champion major renewable energy investments and job creation in Oregon, like offshore wind, tidal energy, solar power, and regenerative farming and forestry -- creating jobs that last for generations, while reducing climate pollution and building lasting prosperity for our communities. 

I will proudly champion bills that directly oppose the expansion of fossil fuel projects like Jordan Cove LNG. For example, I would co-sponsor a ban on fracking on public lands, supported by many Democratic candidates for president. I would co-sponsor or co-author bills such as H.R. 3671, and impose a moratorium on major new fossil fuel projects, end fossil subsidies, and reinstate the ban on crude oil and LNG exports, while investing in renewables and creating jobs. And I would vote against any bill that would help Jordan Cove LNG, and urge my colleagues to do the same.     

In contrast, my opponent has accepted contributions from Jordan Cove PAC, and from natural gas interests and fossil fuel corporations for decades. He has refused to use his platform to take a stand on Jordan Cove LNG, and has said if Pembina just pays landowners enough, “it looks like a great project.” He is not a cosponsor of any of the bills mentioned above that would actually impact the viability of the project, and when the House lifted the LNG export ban and fast-tracked LNG permitting, our Congressman did not vote on those bills.     

Its time to take a stand. When I serve you in Congress, I will not have a magic wand that can stop this project overnight. But I will have 20 years of experience organizing communities, and fighting corporate power – and I will have a political bully pulpit that I will use to lead. I’ll invite our Governor, and every political leader in Oregon, to support a transition to 100% renewable energy within the next decade.

I’m running for Congress because decades of weak leadership and a failure to stand up to corporate money in politics has led to a crisis for our country and for our communities. Here in Oregon’s fourth district, we are on the frontlines of a global fight to stop the expansion of fossil fuels, and we are also blessed with incredible opportunities to lead the transition to renewable energy with offshore wind. I will work tirelessly to build and expand the coalition pushing for major federal investments in a just transition to a renewable future as part of a Green New Deal that creates lasting jobs and safeguards our communities in southwest Oregon. After hearing directly from the people most affected by Jordan Cove LNG, how could anyone representing us, do anything less?

Doyle Canning is a Democratic candidate for Congress in 2020. She joined Oregonians from around the state for a rally to Stop Jordan Cove LNG on Nov. 21 in Salem. She lives in Eugene with her family.

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