The League of Women Voters of Coos County thanks the many community members who attended the League’s April 18th informational session on “Jordan Cove Energy Project: Part 2, Safety and Economic Considerations” at the Egyptian Theatre. The session presented fact-based information underlying the League’s opposition to the energy project based on safety and economic concerns. Speakers examined Pembina’s project applications to federal and state agencies, a recently released environmental impact statement, and other documents relating to the project, and shared that information.

Of particular note was the recommendation for siting a terminal from the Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO), a nonprofit organization of which Pembina is a member. SIGTTO is “dedicated to protect and promote the mutual interests of its members related to the safe and reliable operation of gas tankers and terminals within a sound environment.” SIGTTO recommends that projects such as the one proposed be located remote from population areas, airports and other industry, to reduce risk.

We saw a Jordan Cove Tanker Hazard Zones map outlining residential areas in Coos Bay and North Bend: Zone 1, where no one is expected to survive during any of several possible accidents, Zone 2, where people will be at risk of receiving 2nd degree burns within 30 seconds on exposed skin, and Zone 3 where people are still at risk of burns if they don’t seek shelter but with a longer exposure time than in Zone 2.

We also saw a map showing the proposed route of a 36-inch pipeline running from Kentuck Inlet to the LNG terminal, to be installed with horizontal drilling under the bay at a maximum depth of 190 feet, but to be above ground as it crosses under the McCullough Bridge near the Simpson Heights neighborhood.

These and many other facts regarding the risks associated with the Jordan Cove Energy Project were presented to the public to show why the League of Women Voters opposes the project. The entire presentation, including the PEG Broadcasting video from the evening may be viewed on the League’s website at http://www.lwvcooscounty.org/STUDIES.html under current projects.

The League has carefully examined pertinent documents related to the project’s many applications and has presented the facts in those documents as accurately as we can. The need to provide detailed information so citizens can make informed opinions and decisions is a core principle of the League of Women Voters’ work.

Susan Thornton

North Bend

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