Residents of Coos County and southwestern Oregon have watched and anxiously waited for over 14 years as different companies have promised the environmental, economic and community benefits that Jordan Cove will bring. Throughout this process, my predecessors and I have steadfastly supported the project and I am thrilled to see that it is in the final stages of successfully coming to fruition.

I support this project because Coos County and Oregon will benefit from Jordan Cove.

The economic benefits of the project are clear. Portland-based ECONorthwest recently verified that Jordan Cove will bring 6,000 construction jobs and 8,500 spinoff jobs during each year of the project’s construction, in addition to 215 permanent, family wage jobs after the project begins operations. Another 1,500 indirect jobs will be generated as a result of spending by the Jordan Cove operation, its employees, deep draft vessel calls, and businesses that will service the facility.

Annually, Jordan Cove will contribute more than $2.8 million to our public schools, $280,000 in tax revenue to local fire districts, and over $600,000 to county government and infrastructure. That’s in addition to the $500 million Jordan Cove and Pembina have committed to their Community Enhancement Plan, which will keep tax revenues from the project local, contributing much-needed funding to our communities in Coos Bay and North Bend.

This project is a key component in the revitalization of the Port of Coos Bay. Jordan Cove will bring an increase of 300% more ship traffic to the Port. This increased vessel traffic will be safe and it will result in navigation enhancements, improved jetty maintenance, a safer bar and an increase in maritime support business activity. This would be meaningful to Coos Bay not only because it would boost the economy, but also because the Port is an integral part of our identity.

Jordan Cove has committed to serving the public interest when it comes to environmental mitigation and restoration, designating $100 million to restore 100 acres of Coho habitat at the old Kentuck Golf Course site and providing environmental and cultural education for students and visitors to the South Coast.

On June 24, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) will be (was) at Southwestern Oregon Community College to receive comments on Jordan Cove’s draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). FERC’s role is to determine whether this project is in the public interest. As a representative of this community, I am here to tell you that the Jordan Cove project is in the public interest of Coos County.

This project will be completed in a safe and environmentally responsible manner that will benefit all residents and visitors to Coos County. FERC will ensure that happens. Those of us who have invested our lives in Coos County share the desire for it to be a place where families can thrive for generations would never trade the things we love for short-term economic gains.

Opportunities like this are rare for communities like ours. Residents of Coos County have persevered through economic downturns, awaiting a transformative investment that could create more living-wage opportunities. Jordan Cove can be that investment, providing immediate short-term returns and reliable long-term dividends.

John Burns

CEO - Port of Coos Bay

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