Canada for many years has subsidized the sale of lumber to the U.S., under-cutting Oregon loggers. Now we are going to subsidize Canadian LNG to sell to China, our economic adversary.

Anything we sell or allow to be sold to China will be used against us. Trump has said so. "We can't continue to allow China to rape our country, and that's what they're doing," Trump said in a speech at a 2016 campaign rally in Indiana.

China from the beginning of Trump’s White House has presented an economic threat to him and the US. As one of Trump’s main supporters has said, “His tariffs [are] a proxy to the great economic war with China that we were engaged in."

Trump is still railing about China’s unfair economic practices today. So why are we in Oregon helping China get LNG they can use against us? The Pembina pipeline is unpatriotic for the U.S.

We did the same thing many years ago when Chicago tore down its old elevated transport line and sold the metal to Japan. The steel was returned to us at Pearl Harbor.

It is unconscionable and unpatriotic for our local Port leaders, county commissioners, and legislators to aid a foreign company, Pembina, to make a profit on LNG that is not even produced in the U.S. Canada is helping Pembina to sell LNG, just like it helped Canadian loggers to hurt Oregon’s logging industry.

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Trump agrees that China is an adversary. This month he said that he was in "absolutely no rush" to finalize a trade agreement with China. China now is raising tariffs on goods made in the U.S. sent to China.

Why are we then in a rush to finalize an agreement with another foreign country that will only benefit a few in Oregon and many more in Canada? The Jordan Cove project is anti-American.

We are being used. Our countryside will be destroyed. Our water will be despoiled and just to create a profit for a foreign company.

Trump wants to protect American industry. The Port and elected Coos County leaders do not. They are helping Canada sell another natural resource to make money on American workers’ backs again. They are helping to make this part of Oregon a Canadian province.

Ralph Mohr

Coos Bay

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