King Tides

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The exciting king tides are here once again, being the first of the annual highest tides of the winter. The tides arrive just in time for Thanksgiving weekend along the Oregon coast. This coming weekend will make for the strongest tides of the year in Oregon, and are extremely dangerous.

The king tides are expected to be as high as 8 to 10 feet, and will go through the entire holiday weekend, November 24-26. According to Greg Speer, who is a project manager with the Army Corps of Engineers and spoke with KGW, this year’s tides are also reported to be 2 feet above normal height. The reasoning behind this is quite incredible actually, as right now is a time of year when the moon is at its closets point to Earth with the Earth at its closest point to the sun.

Prepare for King Tide Waves

Make sure and check the forecast before you head out to the coast, especially in light of snow in many parts of Oregon right now. As we always have to warn our readers, please pay very close attention to tide schedules, stay off the beach at high tide, stay out of the surf and off drift logs, and stay clear of jetties.

With such incredible force, sneaker waves are something you must be very aware of when visiting the Oregon coast right now. Close to three years ago now, a Portland family of three was swept out to sea while walking along Cannon Beach during very high tides. Sadly, a father survived, but his two young children did not. At least 21 people have been killed by sneaker waves on the Oregon coast since 1990, and even more have been severely injured.

The video from the National Weather Service (NWS) shared below is a prime example of just how serious sneaker waves can get.


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