Other Coquille tribal ventures

The Coquille Indian Tribe and its business arm, the Coquille Economic Development Corp., have a diverse portfolio:


The Coquille Tribal Forest comprises 14 separate parcels of timberlands in eastern Coos County, totaling 5,410 acres, and the tribe added 3,200 Curry County acres in 2015. Tribal forests support approximately 200 local jobs and provide up to 3.6 million board feet each year for local mills. The tribe’s innovative forest management has earned prestigious certification from the Forest Stewardship Council.

The Laundry Mill

Dissatisfied with the quality and consistency of commercial laundry services, CEDCO launched its own company last year. Situated across U.S. Highway 101 from The Mill Casino-Hotel, the Laundry Mill now offers linen and janitorial services meeting The Mill’s own high standards. The company is pursuing new customers in the local hospitality industry.

Bay Brew

The recently opened coffee stand in The Mill’s RV park is conveniently located for drivers on Highway 101, but Bay Brew’s real target market is the RV park itself. An overnight visitor who craves caffeine can text-message an order and have a steaming cup delivered pronto.

The Cedars at Bear Creek

The Tribe has ambitious dreams for a 2.42-acre parcel it owns in south Medford, where it hopes to convert an existing bowling center into a small casino. Facing opposition from a competing tribe, the casino has an uncertain political future. But the Coquilles also operate an adjoining golf course, and this year they bought another 3.6 acres. All three properties have Highway 99 frontage in a burgeoning part of town. With or without the casino, CEDCO expects a strong return on the tribe’s Medford investment.

Ko-Kwel Wharf

Remember the Home Depot disappointment? Nearly a decade ago, a wobbling economy scuttled development plans on the tribe’s property north of The Mill. K2 Exports, a log-loading venture, provides a profitable and photogenic stopgap, but CEDCO is working toward a new master plan for eventual development of this prime bay-front site.

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Other North Bend property

The tribe and CEDCO own land on the west side of U.S. Highway 101, stretching from Newmark Avenue to the Laundry Mill. CEDCO is examining several development opportunities.

Places to live

With housing increasingly scarce in the area, CEDCO is exploring options to help meet the community’s residential needs.

Fiber finale

ORCA Communications has supplied fiber-optic and broadband service to commercial and institutional customers in the Bay Area since 2003, but the Internet service business is growing more competitive. So the tribe recently sold ORCA’s assets to Roseburg’s Douglas Fast Net (DFN). Selling ORCA’s cables and associated routing gear generated capital to strengthen the tribe’s federal contracting venture.

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