Trickle down does happen — just not the kind that Conservatives tout.

The latest local dumping has been described in outgoing publisher Chris Rush's farewell column (May 20), particularly the paragraphs describing the loss of local control of this newspaper to mindlessly greedy shareholders who want never-ending increased profits and bumped up share prices, weather they invest directly in Lee, etc., or indirectly through hedge funds, private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds or mutuals (for an example see the continued KCBY IND grid line misinformation in the TV World section). Workers, consumers, the environment, etc., bear the brunt of the off traded robotic numbers game where consciences don't exist anymore.

At one time, in exchange for limited liability, corporations had to do good to do well. Reaganomics put a final end to that understanding and the current every man for himself ethos is a core reason that America continues to decline.

Another example has been how the rape-and-run private sector almost terminated our railroad while getting a tax write-off. Pill prices, food costs and insurance charges are other examples of the gouge, gouge, gouge phenomena. Diminished competition insures the continued fattening of the over-stuffed coffers of the top 1 percent.

All Conservative/Republicans, regardless of their denials, are on board, and many Dems, too. Some are just bought (it is cheaper to buy legal advantages than to actually compete on price) and others are just ideologically brainwashed. Lying (sometimes even to themselves) is built in. (See Paul Ryan and the House GOP AHCA). The mass media largely ignores this transformation and the culprits. Remember they are mostly owned by the predators.

Also: Too little weight is given to the perception of corruption and the corrosive distrust of our government it engenders. Perception is reality to those who only pay average attention and the skeptical damage adds up. By this standard, Trump is clearly guilty of obstruction of justice and should be prosecuted, but congressional Republican/Conservatives won't give him the treatment Hilary would have gotten. That's what happens when one votes for someone so unqualified and doubles down by returning Conservatives to a GOP controlled Congress.

Are you Trump proponents choking on him yet or are you still living in your alt world?

John Zimmerman

Coos Bay


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