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On Sept. 20, Wim de Vriend called Sharon Ramirez a propagandist for exposing Art Robinson's statements on the fringe benefits of nuclear radiation and other untenable ideas. Mr. de Vriend proceeded to give the Goldilocks theory for nuclear radiation -- this radiation is too harsh and causes leukemia and this amount is just right. As an engineer, I challenge Mr. de Vriend to produce one peer-reviewed study published by a reputable journal that establishes a preventative dose. Mr. de Vriend called Ms. Ramirez's position on radiation poisoning 'junk science." Mr. de Vriend, that shoe fits your foot.

Mr. de Vriend' letter was headlined, 'Misinformation is a Popular Trick" but he skillfully practicing this deceptive art. He said, 'At the rally for Robinson in North Bend, the same nonsense was being distributed by Democrat infiltrators trying hard to look like Robinson fans." I was one of those 'infiltrators," so let's get the facts straight.

The Robinson campaign billed the event as a debate. A debate means a contest between opposing sides and we 'infiltrators" disagree with several of Robinson's views. Art Robinson, himself, came to the entrance to check us out and said nothing.

OK, the Robinson debate billing was a ruse and we 'infiltrators" knew it. However, Mr. de Vriend's notion of 'infiltrators" is scary. The 'debate" was open to all citizens. No one checked our Robinson affiliation card as we drove into the North Bend Community Center parking lot. Mr. de Vriend writes as if citizens of Coos County who don't pass the loyalty test are not welcome.

Contrast our relatively unobtrusive activities to the Art Robinson campaign's behavior at Rep. Peter DeFazio's Coos County town hall. Two Robinson people, dressed head to talon in chicken suits, tripped over their large chicken feet and stumbled about carrying signs calling Robinson's opponent a chicken for not attending Robinson's unilateral 'debates."

The 'propaganda" we handed people entering the Robinson 'debate" included the bona fide debate schedule and a list of verifiable Robinson quotes. In the 'debate," Robinson said he would not vote for himself if he believed the quotes in our handout. Robinson claimed they were taken out of context. I have read Robinson's publications that contained these quotes and they are fully representative.

In an article written by the founder of our local Tea Party, Rob Taylor calls Robinson a 'political pretender." I'm a Democrat and I agree.

John Schaaf
Coos Bay

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