Once again, The World newspaper and Sharon Ramirez are spouting their usual anti-gun garbage! The World claims that most people support the useless anti-second amendment bill. I would like to see proof of that!

RamirezĀ ran off a list of who she did not want for neighbors, I too have a list of people I do not want for neighbors, starting with RamirezĀ , Zimmerman, the editorial staff of The World and many more anti-gun people who refuse to respect the Constitution!

Apparently, The World and Remiras chose not to notice that their Sen. Arnie Roblan and their Democrats in Salem would not take up the bill to furnish more funds for the mentally ill but rather go after responsible and legal gun owners with a bill that is really a gun registration that they are trying to pass off as a gun safety law. The Democrats new loony anti-gun law requiring gun owners to lock up their guns is also another unenforceable law.

Instead of continually passing new useless laws, why don't they just enforce the laws that are already on the books?

Phil Shellabarger

Coos Bay


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