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Seems it is the sad nature of human beings that hate and suspicion find rich fuel to burn, while embers of siblinghood starve for lack of oxygen.

A spark of hate ignited last week on our own school grounds: taunts that come only from the naïve cruelty of children.

“Go back to Mexico!” students at North Bend Middle School shouted at their darker-skinned schoolmate. This came a day after an historic American election gave us a president who campaigned, in part, on stricter immigration policies.

The story that we first published on our website last Thursday (and again in Saturday’s newspaper) brought forth an explosion of reaction on social media, both from families who’ve suffered similar experiences and from others who still don’t understand what the problem is.

For those who don’t understand, here’s the problem: It’s sad to see that tiny spark quickly ignite into a raging inferno of grief-filled emotion – hatred for others unlike ourselves, anguish about the future for ourselves and our loved ones, suspicion of individuals based on, well, just plain fear.

Yes, fiery rhetoric suggesting such sentiments was spewed during the campaign. That’s hardball politics. But is this what we believe is a reality that rational adults should teach to their children?

No, it isn’t.

It needs to stop — Now!

Parents, we’re not going to tell you how to raise your kids or what values to teach them. What we will say is that if those values involve bigotry and racial hate, those values need to be kept off the school grounds.

The reasons should be obvious.

First, our educators have their hands full just trying to teach school every day. These kinds of ignorant confrontational behaviors on school grounds just get in the way, stealing time and resources from academics.

Second, spreading racial hate — especially through your children — is an affront to other Donald Trump supporters who never meant for this presidential election to be a validation of bigotry. You demean Mr. Trump’s victory and insult his supporters when you make it appear that the candidate expressly meant to incite mobs to taunt, jeer at and discriminate against other U.S. citizens based on race and ethnicity.

And if you don’t know their citizenship status, all the more reason to keep your mouths shut.

In fact, few if any of us have the right to tell anyone to “Go home.” Where did your ancestors come from? Most of us don’t have to look back very far to see that our grandparents or near-relatives are from Europeans, Asians or Africans. That blood running in your veins probably isn’t Native to this land we call America. You came from somewhere else, and would not be who you are otherwise. You have no claim strong enough to tell anyone else to “Go home.”

Unfortunately, this kind of trashy behavior is breaking out across our country, as Neanderthalistic-minded bigots feel they have new license to spew their venom.

But the editorial board of The World demands that this behavior stops now here on the South Coast. We oppose the idea of “build a wall.” We oppose the notion of deporting mass numbers of any group of people based on their racial or ethnic heritage.

We all must follow the rule of law, whatever path that rule takes us — and the omni-theistic teachings of compassion.

We encourage you to follow the same — and teach your children well.


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