100 YEARS — June 23, 1920

Improve Service At Myrtle Point

Telephone Company Will Make New Line

New Line to the McKinley District — Work Being Done Will Cost About $10,000

Earl Gates of the Coos and Curry Telephone company has returned home from Myrtle Point where he went to look after improvements which are being made by the company in that locality and which will aggregate an expenditure of about $10,000.

There are now two lines between Myrtle Point and Coquille, one of which was acquired when the farmer line was taken over. These two lines will be consolidated into one, first class toll line which will give better service and facilitate operations.  

3 Eastside Boys Under Arrest

Cases Came Before Judge Wade In Juvenile Court

Alleged to Have Demolished a Wagon — Complaint Made to Juvenile Officer Dunham

Three Eastside boys have been arrested and their trail set for this afternoon in the juvenile court before Judge Wade. The session of the court was called to take place in the Eastside school house.

The boys arrested art Tom and Paul McHale and Odlin Griffin, aged about fourteen years. It is alleged that they demolished a wagon belonging to Mrs. Breen. It is said that they took the wagon apart and threw away the wheels and broke up the wagon body. Complaint was made to Juvenile Officer Hark Dunham who investigated the case with the arrests resulting.

Judge Wade who is making a tour of the parts of the county to look after road work was expected here in time to hold the session of court.

75 YEARS — June 23, 1945

Bar Governors Here for Meet

Members of ten board of governors of the Oregon Bar association and their wives arrived in Coos Bay Friday afternoon and by the morning train Saturday for an all-day session of the board to be climaxed by a 7:30 p.m. banquet tonight at the Chandler hotel.

Attorney J.B. Bedingfield of Coos Bay is a member of the board of governors. The Coos and Curry Bar association members will be hosts to visitors at the banquet tonight and a picnic is planned for the board members and their wives Sunday at the summer home of Mr. and Mrs. Bedingfield on Coos river.

Revested, Grant Lands Topic Of Talk Before Joint Meeting

At a luncheon of the Lions’ club and Chamber of Commerce of Coos Bay, a large crowed heard guest speaker H.I. Nettleton of the O & C administration, Portland, give an address on “The O & C Revested Lands Administration and the Coos Bay Wagon Road Grant Lands — Past, Present, Future.”

Displaying checker-board maps, Nettleton explained the pattern of ownership. The small map was of Western Oregon including an area 60 miles wide and 300 miles long, ranging through 18 western Oregon counties from the Columbia river to the California line. The map showed the area of eight million acres of timber land of which 2,580,000 acres is O & C or Coos Bay Wagon Road owned. One of every three acres on the map is O & C wagon road land.  

50 YEARS — June 23, 1970

SWOCC Summer Enrollment Expected To Top Last Year; Classes Under Way

Summer enrollment at Southwestern Oregon Community College is expected to top last year’s total of 454, according to John Hunter, coordinator for admissions.

Hunter said 313 students were registered Monday, but enrollments continue through the next two weeks.

Enrollment was 280 for the same period of time last year.

Salmon Season At Charleston

Better Than Average Year Expected

A better than average year is expected by commercial fishermen fishing off Coos Bay for silvers and chinook, according to buyers at Charleston seafood processing plants.

Good catches of silvers have been reported since the season opened June 15.

Larry Nelson of Eureka Fisheries said the catch presently is running 40 percent under 25 inches in length and the rest over. About 10 percent of the fish caught are chinook, he said.

15 YEARS — June 23, 2005

CB school board approves budget

By Carl Mickelson, Staff Writer

With no changes since Dr. Karen Fischer Gray's original budget message kicked off budget talks in May, the Coos Bay School District Board of Directors adopted a $25 million budget Monday night for the coming school year.

With very little discussion, the board moved through six resolutions in a perfunctory manner - voting unanimously for each resolution, and cementing the budget for next school year.

The real work already had been completed at two previous budget committee meetings where Fischer Gray had laid out her recommendations.

Home Depot told CB needs more time to weigh project

By Penny Gillson, Editorial Assistant

Home Depot is interested in coming to Coos Bay, according to a company representative at a Wednesday evening Coos Bay Urban Renewal Agency meeting.

A Coos Bay Home Depot would be expected to employ approximately 150 people, according to information provided to city staff by the company, with an average of 60 percent of employees working full-time. Pay would range from minimum wage to $21 per hour, depending on position and skill level, with the average hourly wage estimated at $12.10.

Home Depot also touts an annual charitable budget of $25 million and in 2003, its employees gave an estimated 7 million hours of volunteer service.

These stories were found in the Marshfield Sun Printing Museum newspaper repository stored in Marshfield HS courtesy of Coos Bay Schools and on The World newspaper website www.theworldlink.com.

Reporter Amanda Linares can be reached at 541-266-6039 or by email at worldnews3@countrymedia.net.


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