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100 YEARS — May 21, 1920

Plan For Sewer On Union Avenue

The North Bend city council met yesterday at noon, for a few minutes at the City Hall, just long enough to pass a resolution ordering the proposed sewer improvement on Union Avenue, from Washington to Vermont streets.

Upon recommendation of Engineer Cavanaugh, it is contemplated to place an eight inch sewer on each side of the street, as a better accommodation than a larger sewer in the center. This is also advised, because of the grade.

School Work of Year Exhibited

Interesting Showing Made At Central School

Large Number of Parents and Others Interested Call at the School During the Day

The annual exhibit of pupils’ work in the Central school was held yesterday at the building under the general direction of Miss Bess Elliot, instructor in music and drawing. The building was crowded by an interesting throng of parents and patrons, who listened to a program of songs, presented by the various rooms of the building and later inspected the exhibits of school work in various forms which were tastefully arranged on the walls and billboards.

The “Three R” as well as painting, drawing, sewing and other hand work, were included in the display which the visitors examined, the exhibit being of such size and diversity as to preclude individual mention. A miniature Coos river farm and an exhibit of colonial antiques, illustrated lessons in history, elicited favorable comment. Dainty maids in colonial costumes enhanced the picture from history’s page.

75 YEARS — May 21, 1945

Coos County Women Ready to Sell Bonds

The women of Coos county are well organized to put the county over the top in its quota of $1,000,000 in “E” bonds in the seventh war loan drive which officially opened May 14 and closes June 30.

Mrs. C.W. Gatchell, Coos chairman of the county war finance committee reports that the nation’s overwhelming quota of $14,000,000,000 is needed for the battle of Japan has begun. “It must be backed up, paid for by a free people, intent on sweeping the Pacific clear of fascist hate forever. The single greatest obstacle to our crushing of Japan is distance. While in the battle of Europe supply ships from our bases in England had only an overnight run to make, ships in the Pacific now have long trips taking up to five months to make. This means millions of fighting men and millions of dollars,” she said. She stated that the women of Coos county have pledged every support to raising the county’s quota.

50 YEARS — May 21, 1970

Cities Pledge Cooperation In Solving Bay Pollution

Coos Bay, North Bend Officials At Session

By Jerry Stonebraker, Staff Writer

City officials from Coos Bay and North Bend pledged cooperation Wednesday night in solving pollution problems along the Bay Area waterfront.

Statements by North Bend City Administrator Jack Isadore and Coos Bay city councilman Bill Huggins followed slides of a recent “See Your Bay Day” march.

Isadore told the 100 persons attending a Bay Area Environmental Committee open forum that North Bend is taking action to correct a Simpson Heights outfall that allows raw sewage to go into the bay.

Two Coos Men Fined $100 Each

REEDSPORT — Two men from Bandon and Lakeside entered pleas of guilty to game violation charges in Reedsport Justice Court late Wednesday and were sentenced to 90 days in Douglas County jail and fined $100 each. Involved with the two men were two Lakeside juveniles.

Larry Howard Trindell, Lakeside, and Raymond Charles Eichner, Bandon, both 19, were charged by Douglas County deputies and Oregon State Police with illegal possession of elk, hunting game in closed season and petty larceny. The larceny charge was the outgrowth of a complaint by Elkside Lumber Company and involved the pilfering of tools and equipment from a logging operation.

15 YEARS — May 21, 2005

Council hikes sewer rate in CB

The Coos Bay City Council has adopted a resolution for a 10-percent increase in sewer rates.

The revenue generated from the adjustment - just over $232,000 - will be prioritized to fund the Alder Street sewer line replacement project, according to a city staff report. Additional monies will go toward replacement of Pump Station No. 3 and other sewer line replacements.

The hike was part of the 2005-06 fiscal year budget approved by the Coos Bay Budget Committee earlier this month.

Recall effort begins for two Reedsport councilors; faulty appointments cited

By Rick Osborn, For The World

Reedsport resident Ralph King is attempting to recall Reedsport city councilors Mike Macho and Ruth Hash, citing their actions during a December 2004 meeting when the City Council appointed members to various city committees, including the Budget Committee and Charter Review Committee.

Two of the candidates selected for committees were outgoing councilors. Former Mayor Keith Tymchuk was elected to the budget and charter review committees by the council, and former Councilor Debbie Williams currently is serving on the Charter Review Committee. She withdrew her name from consideration from the Budget Committee.

At the meeting, councilors wrote down their picks for the committees and City Recorder Diane Novak tallied the results without revealing how the councilors voted, and the council voted to approve them. City Attorney Stephen Miller advised the council at the time that its actions were legal.

These stories were found in the Marshfield Sun Printing Museum newspaper repository stored in Marshfield HS courtesy of Coos Bay Schools and on The World newspaper website

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