Timm Slater

Timm Slater, executive director of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.

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Every year, during the summer, I conduct one-on-one conversations with each of the 21 elected members of the Chamber Board. The purpose is to get their sense of where the organization is at and where it’s headed. With the pandemic changing all our priorities and focus as a community, that chat didn’t happen this year. But let me share some of their comments from our last full Directors' Chats.

Chamber Committees & Events

• In Business Development it is a collaborative team-driven effort to help our business community to be successful. Over the last few years we have cleaned things up and now we look for more.

• It’s great that we are reviewing all our committees for need, frequency of meeting and overall impact.

• Love WBC, as I always like meeting other folks and hearing the main presentation.

• How can we coordinate South Coast chambers to do a business plan for Coos County?

Board Relations & Expectations

• In the board we have many good folk, with some sleepers. This says a lot about our Board member recruiting, with that focus on open thinkers.

• As a board member, we have to be an active listener and assume everyone’s heart is in the right place.

• I appreciate the Board’s energy.

• Nice to see fresh faces on the board and in committees.

• I like the board meetings as it’s a receptive environment in which we can discuss challenging issues civilly.

More Observations

• Community is important to the Chamber. We focus on things that can positively impact business and community

• The Chamber is so supportive of local business. We enjoy new people interested in the organization and participating.

• We are moving toward building a better business climate and stronger community.

• Now is our time to Shine!

Oops, it looks like I’m out of space, so we will continue this report next week.

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(Timm Slater is executive director of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. For more information on your Chamber, email timmslater@oregonsbayarea.org.)



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