Timm Slater

Timm Slater, executive director of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.

Over ten years ago, your chamber began doing its annual planning in a different way. We decided to ask each of our members for their opinion of our direction and operations as a business association. 

From your responses, the Board defined our focus areas in 2010 to guide the efforts for that year. With survey results over each of the years since then, we refined our 2010 work into the current year’s Strategic Objectives. 

Our Chamber committees have been meeting to refine their actions and impact for the upcoming year. So, with our completed 2020 survey, defined Focus Areas and the 2021 goals from each of our committees in hand, the Board of Directors held its annual planning session for 2021 on November 6th. So why are having focus areas and goal setting important? Let me tell you a story.

When I was a kid, my dad brought home a catalog from the Ford dealer. We went through a process, as a family, to pick the color of our new station wagon. After several votes it ended up two-tone brown. We ordered the car, waited six weeks and were very happy when we got it. The thing I began to notice, however, was it appeared that there were many new two-tone brown Ford station wagons in our area. It seems when our mind focuses on something, we begin to notice it everywhere. When our mind focuses on goals, we see the opportunities to reach them.

So, check into that Chamber committee that works issues dear to your heart, offer them your ideas and help achieve those goals.

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