Timm Slater

Timm Slater, executive director of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.

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When I first ran for City Council, many years ago, I was looking for a way to convey the commitment and energy I thought a councilor should have.

While looking through a local antique store, I found an early 1940s book on the "Little Red Hen." As you recall, she found some wheat grains. She then asked for help in planting, tending, harvesting, processing and baking the product. But she found no one was interested in working to get the prize — warm fresh bread. So she did it herself and made a difference. That’s the attitude of success.

Your Bay Area Chamber has a whole flock of little red hens and roosters. We are truly benefiting by the “mountains of bread” they are producing. The Legislative Action Team, active and successful in prior sessions, actively participated in the 2019 and 2020 legislative sessions to promote business and community. That included twice-monthly video conferences, use of the VoterVoice system and building a strong working relationship with our legislators.

Through Leadership Coos, in its 31st year, participants gained a comprehensive awareness of our area, its businesses and services available, as they prepare for new opportunities as community leaders. The Ambassadors were increasingly visible at new business openings and hosting those wonderful Business after Hours each month. The Marketing team maintains an active social media program and has developed content and formats for communication among members and local outreach.

That’s just a snapshot of the many, many active committees and services your chamber has going on right now. If you haven’t found a place to plant your seeds to make a difference, why not check us out today?

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(Timm Slater is executive director of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce. For more information on your Chamber, email timmslater@oregonsbayarea.org.)


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