Save seeds from your garden this fall

Save seeds from your garden this fall.

COQUILLE VALLEY — What can you do right now to make your community more resilient?

Collect, save and share your own seeds.

As you are harvesting the bounty from your garden this fall, it is a wonderful time to collect and save seeds from the plants in your garden right now. With our winter seed exchanges in mind, you can easily save seeds from plants like tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers, flowers, and herbs like basil and coriander. If you are newer to saving seeds, start easy with beans or tomatoes. See this resource for more information on specific seed saving. Also, don't forget that you can propagate many plants from stem cuttings (cloning) especially from plants like perennial kale, lavender and other herbs and flowers. Rooted cuttings are wonderful to offer to the community at our seed exchanges.

Coquille Valley Seed Community is currently brainstorming creative alternative options to our in-person annual seed exchanges due to the changes from COVID-19. We want to keep every well and safe in our community while also providing the vital service of exchanging seeds to community members.

Are you interested in more ways to make your community more resilient and support Coquille Valley Seed Community? Attend and participate in our virtual public meetings every 2nd Thursday of the month. These meetings are especially vital now due to the increasing pressures and challenges that 2020 brings.

Coquille Valley Seed Community's next public event is our October monthly meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 8. It will feature a presentation from Zoë Bradbury, farmer and co-owner of the famous Valley Flora Farm along the southern Oregon coast. She will be discussing what they are doing on their farm for the month of October, thus potentially winter storage crops and cover cropping. Hope to see you there. Public is always welcome.



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