Joshua Grabinsky

Joshua Grabinsky sharpens his chess skills in his Coquille home. 

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Coquille Chess Club whiz Joshua Grabinsky still has his moves.

Grabinsky won first place in the February Fiesta Open Section. Coach Nancy Keller said he was so dedicated to play in the tournament that when he discovered his home internet was iffy at maintaining contact, he went to the Coquille Public Library and sat on a bench outside to play.

Keller recognized the tree from the library over his shoulder when she saw him on the Zoom call to organize for the tournament. After his first round, she offered him a warm unused room at her house to finish the tournament. Despite near frost bitten fingers, he still won his first round. In a warm room, he was unbeatable, Keller said.

In the K-12 Under 1200 section, Sawyer Bergstedt and Frank Morse won three out of five games. Sawyer only lost to the first- and second-place winners.

Last weekend, in the statewide Chess For Success for sixth-grade players, Daniel Wilson won two out of five games.

This week is the tournament for seventh grade and Shaleena Crawford and Erik Thrash will get an opportunity to play.

Meanwhile during the weekly Team Chess League this last Thursday, Coquille took on Junction City High School and won 2.5 to 1.5 (teams of four players). Wilson High School is in the lead with 4.5 points. Coquille is at 4 points out of the last 5 weeks (two draws). This Thursday, Wilson High School and Coquille will have a playoff, to determine the 2021 Winter Chess League Champion.


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