Oregon State Chess Championship

Joshua Grabinsky playing Nick Raptis at the Oregon State Chess Championship in Portland in February 2020.

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COQUILLE — It was a great chess weekend for the Coquille Chess Club.

At the Rural Education and Literacy Fundraiser tournament, Erica Jenkins had her first exposure to Internet chess tournaments. It is a complicated process to combine a Zoom meeting with the Lichess site that this tournament used. A few difficulities, but she was in and started off with a bye. But in her later four rounds, she got a win. She navigated the new chess environment easily and improved her chess skills as the lowest rated player in her section.

At the Portland Chess Club Tournament, online with chess.com, Frank Morse knew his chance of winning was slim as he took on adults but his goal was to put his chess skills to work. He had some great game that will be used as lesson material at Coquille's Tuesday afternoon chess club.

Joshua Grabinsky was busy for the weekend playing in the prestigious National Denker Chess tournament, the championship of the best chess player from each state. He was going strong until his third round, when he had to play International Master Praveem Balakrishinan from Virginia with a rating of 2612. Grabinsky played a great game but time became his enemy and he had to move too fast as his clock ran down. He also lost to Carissa Yip from Massachusets with a rating of 2493. Grabinsky ended up in 10th place out of the 50 states invited to play. Grandmaster Nicolas Checa from New York won the event. Carissa Yip, Grabinsky's fifth round opponent tied for second.

Grabinsky has one more year to play in the Denker tournament and we hope he can get into the top three next year.


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