Oct. 12-15

Jessica Kosmal and Carolina Jaime

Cassandra Casey and Adrian Mendez-Muth

Audra Simmons and Jonathan Williams

Joseph Korb and Kristine Harris

Cobi Cochran and Hannah Owens

Gary McLain and Seana Morrison

Kristopher Goodrich and Christina Jones

Cash Calley and Eve Piper

Kimberly Burch and Joshua Hemion

Kenyon Su’a and Mikila Owens

Oct. 19-23

Thomas Hogan and Connie Johnson

Heather Clonch and Ryon Knipple

Dylan Hoffpauir and Bailey Faber

Nina Pelayo and Joshua Lange

Jeffrey Forter and Melissane Tardivel

Ethan Cline and Cydnee Mock

Jesse Abel and Jeanelle Stephens

Oct. 26-Nov. 6

Shayne Oesterreich and William Hargis

Chelsea Sims and Ryan Morris

Tracey Brown Jr. and Kandice Bunnell

Melissa Stringfield and Matthew Marks

Kenneth Osheroff and Zula Turner

Benjamin Joshua and Bridgett Jurado

Karen Robertson and Stuart Watson

Ashley Howard and Casey Harris

Samantha White and Steven Martin Jr.

Katrina Rodriguez and Jacob Davis

Cheyanna Ohlrich and Jonathan Binford

Henry Hickox and Patricia Bagot

Elizabeth Farrell and Allen Piplovick

Meagan Wilson and Colton Koons


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