Marriage License

The following couples have filed for marriage licenses at the clerk’s office at the Coos County Courthouse in Coquille:

Sept. 21-24:

Connor Williams and Sarah Merritt

Randell Smith and Jarrett Goldstein

Carsen Payne and Katelin Roland-Sprague

Kenyon Bauer and Sophia Carman

William Simon and Lori Cossey

Kylee Brewster and Nicholas Klotzbach

Thomas Dehner and Lori Stern

Derek Fletcher and Ashley Barzee

Molly McGarr and Brandyn Taipalus

Sept. 28-30:

Randy Seals and Kristin Friesen

Brittany Jansma and Charles Sorensen

Veronica Simpson and Edward Swinson

Alyssa Scott and Emery Sutherland

Nikelas Ellefson and Maria Pullen

William Williams and Lorry Cook

Oct. 5-9

Melinda Fisher and Casey Epperley

Curtis Hubbell and Tracy Bingham

Kenneth Payne and Sylvia D’Arco

Ted McGrath and Katie Ledbetter

Rick Green and Jamie Platt

Brittney Anderson and Nicholas Mayhew

Christopher Bradshaw and Krystal Gray

Scott Simington and Ashley Rains

Oct. 12-15

Jessica Kosmal and Carolina Jaime

Cassandra Casey and Adrian Mendez-Muth

Audra Simmons and Jonathan Williams

Joseph Korb and Kristine Harris

Cobi Cochran and Hannah Owens

Gary McLain and Seana Morrison

Kristopher Goodrich and Christina Jones

Cash Calley and Eve Piper

Kimberly Burch and Joshua Hemion

Kenyon Su'a and Mikila Owens


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