The following couples have filed for marriage licenses at the clerk’s office at the Coos County Courthouse in Coquille:

April 28-June 19, 2020

John Edwards and Christina Shibles

Van Nguyen and David Morlan

Ryan Carroll and Audrey Ellsworth

Kyle de Ronden-Pos and Jessica Welch

Cassidy Hall and Austin Arrant

Devon Reavis and Brock Nixon

James Reynolds and Joelene Lyons

Lukas Ruddy and Natasha Skaggs

Vanessa Beaver and Brian Spani

Chelsie Baker and Bennett Forsman

Misty Harris and Chase Berry

April Warmack and William Nelson

Amber Fox and Nikki Nagrone

Tamara Bleuler and Jason Herrmann

Rebecca Butler and Lucas Huhn

Angel Bracamontes and Kimberly Wolf

Jessica Colgrove and Tyrell McClune

Tyler Hanson and Hali Gassett

Travis Howard and Jana Tomac

Sandra Lopez and Anthony Quintel

Steven Osborne and Marya Gogoleva

Travis Martin and Clarissa Baez

Krista Edwards and Matthew Hughes

Brandy Thom and Leslee Chalmers

Tyeona Hogue and Daniel Damon

Chrislyn Kay and Elizabeth Jablonowski

Jessica Tiffee and Erik Bjornerud

Bridgett Thurman and Logan Gates

Kurt Smith and Bonnie Zuma

William Clary and Priscilla Heu

Cory Chatelle and Cassidy Couch

Harry Wilson and Tainya Pitzer

Rebecca Gulseth and Daniel Gibson

Stephanie Cellucci and Robert Stuberg

Catherine Cothren and Julio Castelan Miranda

Richard Prickett and Ginny Prickett

Henry Hickox and Patricia Bagot

Gerald Griffin and Kellie Wanke-Hanks

Nicholas Yandell and Kyrsten Curtis

Kacie Goodman and Frederick Thom

Stephen Vanderhoff and Hannah Mansfield

Shyra Sidener and Anthony Huber

Brandy Kinsey and Dustin Emerson


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