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SOUTH COAST — While the election for U.S. President has stolen much of the spotlight this election season, South Coast voters can expect a wide range of contested races up and down their ballots.

Candidates across the region are vying for seats on city councils, mayoral offices, county commissions and more. Plus, a range of ballot measures will ask voters if they want to increase some taxes and change how their governments are run.

To help readers wade through a full ballot in a complicated election season, The World asked candidates to respond to a number of questions about their plans for governance and researched some of the most contentious ballot measures. Those stories are all below, and this page will be updated as the election continues.

Make sure to return your ballot by Nov. 8 at 8:00 p.m. Ballots include pre-printed postage for mail return, and the Postal Service recommends mailing ballots by Oct. 28, since postmarks do not count to meet the deadline.

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