This week Oregon went over 600 deaths since the COVID-19 pandemic began and also went over 38,000 total confirmed and presumptive cases.

The death toll went over 600 when six new deaths were reported on Tuesday. From Monday through Thursday, a total of 12 deaths were reported, leaving the state’s death toll at 611.

“Today we surpassed 600 reported COVID-19 deaths, marking an unhappy milestone for all Oregonians. At OHA we note each COVID-19 related death with great sadness,” said OHA Director Patrick Allen on Tuesday. “Our thoughts go out to the families and loved ones of those we have lost.

“Each death is a reminder to the rest of us of the severity and danger of COVID-19,” Allen said. “Each of us has our own reasons why we take individual COVID-19 prevention steps like wearing a mask, keeping physically distant, and avoiding gatherings, but for most of us, we take these actions to protect our families, friends and neighbors. OHA sends its condolences to every Oregonian who has lost someone to COVID-19.”

The total number of cases was 38,525 as of 12:01 a.m. Thursday.

During the four days there were four new cases in Coos County, six in Curry County and 14 in Douglas County. In all, 30 of Oregon’s 36 counties had at least one positive test during the week.

Weekly report

On Wednesday, OHA also released its Weekly Report which showed that during the week of Oct. 5 through Oct. 11, OHA recorded 2,418 new cases of COVID-19 infection — up 18% from last week’s tally of 2,055 and the highest weekly total reported in Oregon to date.

The number of Oregonian’s newly tested during the week rose 26% to 28,490. The percentage of tests that were positive rose slightly to 6.4% from 6.3% a week earlier. During the week, 27 new deaths were reported, a slight increase from 25 a week earlier.

A total of 147 Oregonians were hospitalized, up from 119 in the previous week. It was the highest weekly 


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