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SOUTH COAST — While the entire world is experiencing the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, the South Coast has its own story and is undergoing its own heartache and hopefulness, sadness and strength.

Coos History Education Coordinator Ariel Peasley has created a platform where the South Coast community can share, collect and document the pandemic experiences of the South Coast community.

“We are all creating our own living history every day,” said Peasley, “whether it be through texts, phone calls, social media posts, zoom chats with family, creative projects to entertain the kids, or supporting family, friends and neighbors in whatever ways we can.”

The Coos History Museum suggests several ways people can help document their COVID-19 experiences.

"Please share anything that you feel represents this time in our history," said Steve Greif, Coos History Museum volunteer. "Your content can be stories, photos — whether personal or communal, happy or sad. Please help us create a space for everyone to come together and document this time in our lives."

Greif has been taking photos and adding captions to illustrate them. For example, a photo taken on April 15 of the statute of North Bend founder Louis Simpson wearing a mask hit home. Here's what Greif wrote: "During the COVID-19 crisis, the CDC asked citizens to help prevent the spread of the disease by wearing facemasks when doing essential chores, like grocery shopping, in public spaces. It was nice to see Louie doing his part." 

"These are the kinds of things that will remind us of what we went through," Greif said.

When submitting your content please provide a short description or explanation and let us know your name, as well as dates, times and other pertinent information when applicable. Feel free to include photos, videos, audio, writing, art, music, etc. by:

• Posting on the Museum’s Facebook page: Coos County: Our Covid-19 Story

• Emailing your content to: You may attach photos/videos to this site as well.

• Mailing your content to: Coos History Museum, Attn: Coos County: Our Covid-19 Story, 1210 N Front St, Coos Bay OR, 97420

When you submit content, you will be agreeing to unconditionally donate your text, digital photos, videos, audio, and all other content to the Coos History Museum. It may be used in the future for research and/or exhibitory. See more at the Museum’s website:

“Sometimes it is difficult to see our current moments in time as history," Greif said. "But this is not one of those times. We all recognize that the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic will be recorded as a major historic event when the year 2020 is written about in the future. Help us collect that information now.”


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