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COOS COUNTY — Four new COVID-19 cases are being reported in Coos County, as of Monday afternoon.

Those four include two positive and two presumptive positive cases, having developed from the weekend's announcement that there were three presumptive cases.

The fourth presumptive case was announced Monday afternoon. These cases are all connected and stem from the same event.

The four individuals include two sisters and a female friend who are all under the age of 40 in addition to a child. The group apparently contracted the virus while in the Portland-area where they were, ironically, going to pick up a 4-year-old relative so that that child would not be around sick family members.

“The parents were feeling ill and they had family members down here in Coos County so they wanted to go, ‘Hey, come grab the daughter. Have her for a week.’ That kind of thing, we’re not really feeling very well was kind of the conversation,” said Coos Health and Wellness epidemiologist Brian Leon. “But they ended up going there and spending a significant amount of time before leaving.”

On Friday, June 12, the four Coos County residents traveled in two cars to the Portland-area and they returned on Sunday, June 14, according to Coos Health and Wellness.

The parents of the 4-year-old who were feeling ill live in Washington County. When the Coos County crew arrived, the parents had not been tested for COVID-19. They learned that they had tested positive last Friday, CHW reported.

The Washington County couple contracted the virus after spending time with relatives in Multnomah County who later tested positive. A male from the Multnomah case appeared to have picked up the virus from a workplace outbreak.

The two sisters and the child isolated upon returning to Coos County.

“They ended up becoming ill a few days later,” said Leon. The symptoms for these individuals included loss of taste and smell and a fever. One fever was up to 104 degrees but no one was hospitalized.

The 4-year-old from Washington County who the individuals had gone to retrieve ended up testing positive but is not counted as a Coos County case. The parents of the child, who had tested positive, came down to get the 4-year-old last week.

The friend of the sisters, the fourth Coos County case in all of this, initially did not isolate but did so by Friday. She initially tested negative but then began showing symptoms of COVID-19 which makes her a presumed positive. A presumed positive is an individual who has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive in addition to showing symptoms.

Through contact tracing, there are a few individuals who Coos Health and Wellness is keeping an eye on.

“I definitely have, probably, six to seven people that I’m worried about. One of which I’m very worried about,” said Leon.

This group of four cases brings the total amount of positive cases in Coos County to 37 – 32 positives and five presumptive positives.

These latest cases have come during an uptick of cases around the state. As of Monday, Oregon had recorded 7,083 cases in the state.

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