Western Oregon Advanced Health has made some changes for the better — including a new administrative facility  located on the same campus as its partner Coos Health and Wellness and a new brand.

WOAH, which connects more than 18,000 Coos and Curry County residents on the Oregon Health Plan to local physical, mental and dental care, will now be known as Advanced Health.

"Our new Advanced Health name carries on a spirit of our former name, Western Oregon Advanced Health, with greater simplicity that is easier to grasp and remember, said Advanced Health CEO, Phill Greenhill. "Advanced Health well-reflects the collective commitment we share with all our partner health care providers and community organizations to advance the quality and accessibility of health care  for our members and to improve community health."

Greenhill added, "Shortening our name also ties into our ongoing efforts to make health care more accessible for our members. Our health care system can be complicated, let alone navigate. We work to break it down for our members so that it is easier to understand and access."

Advanced Health celebrated its changes Friday with the unveiling of its new 14,000 square-foot administrative facility on LeClair Street, which is located across the parking lot from Coos Health and Wellness' new 23,000 square-foot facility and another partner, Oregon Coast Community Action, which provides housing assistance, a food bank, veterans services and counseling services for those in need.

Advanced Health also assists members in overcoming a variety of barriers faced in accessing health care and improving health. For example, members often do not have access to transportation so free rides to medical appointments and the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions are made available. Additionally, Advanced Health also works with community organizations to provide a variety of programs aimed at improving both member and community health. These programs range from expert-led tobacco cessation classes and weight management sessions with nutritionists to equipping providers, educators and others with training to aid children in overcoming trauma. 

As part of its rebranding efforts, Advanced Health has redesigned its website to enable visitors to better access information and connect with the organization online. Included is an enhanced Find a Provider search tool that provides detailed listings of healthcare providers, ranging from doctors and nurses to dental, vision and mental health care specialists, so members can access care close to home. Additionally, the site includes detailed program information and healthy living tips on timely topics. The new website address is AdvancedHealth.com.

With the administrative facility complete, Advanced Health hopes to improve efficiency in its services since it now can work directly with Coos Health and Wellness and ORCA on the same campus. Prior to the new campus, Advanced Health was spread out at four separate facilities around town. With the facilities working together, Greenhill said Advanced Health and its partners are able to provide Asservive Community Treatment (ACT). What this means is that together the facilities link people to resources, whether it be physical, dental or mental health treatment.

"We're excited to continue forward under the Advanced Health name," said Greenhill. "Together, with our partner providers and community organizations, we are bridging the future of health care for our members and the communities we serve today."

Several community dignitaries attended the opening including, Senator Arnie Roblan, Arlene Roblan, Tracy Muday, MD (Advanced Health), Representative Caddy McKeown, Ginger Swan (Director of Coos Health and Wellness), Coos County Commissioner Bob Main, Phil Greenhill (CEO Advanced Health), Coos Commissioner Melissa Cribbins, and Ben Messener (Advanced Health).

A lunch was provided by local vendors to employees and guests.

Advanced Health handles the administrative and casework functions for its clients and works in conjunction with Coos Health and Wellness and ORCA to integrate mental health services, physical and dental needs for children, adolescents and adults for Oregon Health Plan clients.

Coos Heath and Wellness also celebrated the opening of its new 23,000- square foot facility. Its new facility provides for separate entrances and waiting rooms for youth and adults to fight the stigma that sometimes comes with seeking proper health care. Coos Health and Wellness also provides a place to enroll in the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) that provides federal grants to states for supplemental foods, health care referrals, and nutrition education for low-income pregnant, breastfeeding, and non-breastfeeding postpartum women, and to infants and children up to age five who are found to be at nutritional risk.

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