Warming center

Volunteer Bonnie Laich prepared the Devereux Center's warming center to open in February.

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EMPIRE — The Warming Center is open Wednesday night with temperatures expected to drop to 36 degrees.

According to a press release from the Nancy Devereux Center on Tuesday afternoon, the center will offer visitors a hot meal, hot beverages and a warm, safe place. It is located at 1200 Newmark Ave. in Coos Bay, right at the Y-intersection in the Empire District, and is open from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m.

As The World previously reported, the Warming Center has helped save lives in the past by providing shelter to local homeless individuals.

“We have had two people who came in who were hypothermic but refused medical treatment,” said the center’s Executive Director Tara Johnson in a previous interview. “So we followed protocol given by the American Red Cross to warm them up slowly, wrap them in warm blankets. One woman survived the night in the cold because her dog cuddled with her and kept her core temperature warm until she could get to us.”

Though local homeless aren't allowed to sleep at the Warming Center, since it isn’t equipped to meet the city codes to be a shelter, it does have sofas for homeless to relax as they get warm. It also serves hot meals until 10 p.m., though can still feed people who come in later that need the hot food. The Warming Center also has hot beverages available all night long, from coffee and tea to hot cocoa.

“We are currently in need of hot cocoa, protein (hamburger, tuna and peanut butter) and warm gloves,” the release, adding that monetary donations can be made through Facebook, www.thedevereuxcenter.org or mailed to the center at P.O. Box 3519, Coos Bay. 

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