GREEN ACRES — The saga of Coos County's most infamous sea lion came to an end Tuesday as the blubbery nomad was euthanized.

Biologists from the Marine Mammal Stranding Network came to Green Acres to evaluate the sea lion after he traveled over nearly a mile from water and caused problems in the neighborhood.

Elaine Dallas called officials to come get the animal after she said it became aggressive towards firefighters and was bothering horses and people in the roadway.

'It has been really frustrating," she said. 'It's not safe with it here."

Stuart Love from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said the animal -- which they believe had an unknown disease -- will be taken to Oregon State University to be examined and studied.

Love said he was lightly poked with a jab-stick that injected a sedative into his blood. The animal didn't even need the drug normally used to euthanize animals. Love said this could have been because he was already near death.

Residents in Green Acres had complained about the sea lion being in roadways and barking at people. On Tuesday the animal had made his way to an apple orchard. He rested in the shade as firefighters stood watch to make sure he stayed put.

'We were hoping the animal would return," Love said. 'It became apparent he wasn't going to do that."

ODFW was limited in what they could do with the animal because sea lions are federally protected animals. Love said this created problems on what to do with the animal initially.

Love said it is very rare for sea lions to be this far away from water and that this one was likely very sick.

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