Local community volunteers returned the military bunker remains of Cape Arago Radar Station B-28 to resume the process of repainting and restoring the base after it was unfortunately tagged with graffiti. 

The project began last summer, and event organizer Krystal Hopper has worked with the state parks to develop an interpretive board and additional signage to highlight the historical significance of the bunkers. 

Hopper along with local historians Steve Greif and Steve Nasburg, Geoffrey Cannon with the Oregon Coast Military Museum and volunteers from the Coos History Museum complied historical information and research for an interpretive board. 

The board in poster form was displayed at the radar site and will hopefully be returned on display for Memorial Day. The process has begun to create a more permanent board and to be secure the historic site.

The process began last year to be able to place an interpretive board and additional signage at this site to help educate and encourage visitors to be respectful of this historical place. 

Per the main office in Salem, the original goal to have the signage completed by Memorial Day will not happen and they have now stated it will be a much longer process.  

They said it will take several thousand dollars for this project. The volunteers have also asked for a gate at the end of the entry road and other additional security measures for this site. 

Much of the continued improvements are in the hands of officials in Salem, but the volunteer team was happy to honor the  service that occurred at the bunkers and help in the restoration.


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