COOS COUNTY — Earlier this month, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown ordered the state’s public schools to cancel its classes and close its doors to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. The closure, which was extended, was ordered to remain in effect until April 28.

Under the new order, all of Oregon’s public schools were required to close, including those operated by school districts, education service districts and public charter schools.

Virtual public charter schools as well as other online schools were also impacted by the Governor’s order stating schools may not enroll new students or withdraw existing students during the period of the school closures.

No additional students are allowed to newly enroll in any Oregon public school while the temporary statewide school closures remains in place.

According to the Oregon Department of Education’s website (as of March 30), virtual schools that were delivering school online prior to the closure or were capable of fully delivering school online after the closure were allowed to continue to operate under the guidance of the state.

Virtual schools can continue to service all its students enrolled prior to the statewide closures, given its compliance with the state. According to the Oregon Charter Academy’s website, enrollment applications are currently being accepted for the 2020-21 school year.


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