Oregon Department of Transportation shared a photo of the landslide on Oregon Highway 42 South, which happened Monday evening. It has since been cleared. 

COOS COUNTY — Monday’s storm caused landslides along the coast and brought down trees on the roads.

Heavy rains caused a landslide yesterday evening on Oregon 42 South at milepost 10 between Coquille and Bandon, according to a press release from the Oregon Department of Transportation. However, the highway is now open again to traffic.

According to Oregon Department of Transportation’s tripcheck.com on Monday afternoon, traffic on Oregon 38 was delayed by 20 minutes after a landslide closed the westbound lane six miles east of Elkton at milepost 42. This has since reopened as well.

Meanwhile, ODOT also reported yesterday that an unconfirmed hazard blocked traffic on Oregon 38 at milepost 2, just two miles east of the intersection with U.S. Highway 101. The hazard has since been removed.

Coos County Emergency Manager Mike Murphy said minor flood levels were monitored for the Coquille River and its tributaries throughout the storm.

“It will remain quite below where it was at the end of February,” he said. “We’ve had some impacts, some road blockages and have the high water signs up, but it hasn’t helped any slide areas.”

Coquille’s city manager, Chuck Dufner, told The World that the storm hasn’t done damage so far to its water system.

“Right now, the reservoir is staying clear,” he said. “We haven’t had any real increase in turbidity, so I’m happy.”

As the storm persisted through the weekend, heavy rains caused traffic delays on U.S. Highway 101 at Four Mile Creek.

According to a press release from the Oregon Department of Transportation on Sunday, April 7, water flooded the highway seven miles south of Bandon. Drivers were met with a short delay as flaggers helped navigate vehicles.

“Due to saturated soils, watch for possible hazards on southwest Oregon highways,” the release said. “Various reports of slide-outs, rocks and trees across roadway, including OR 38 and U.S. 101.”

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