Coos County Courthouse in Coquille

Coos County Courthouse in Coquille

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COOS COUNTY — Final unofficial election results show incumbent Robert “Bob” Main and Katy Eymann will advance to November’s general election to continue to compete for a seat on the Coos County Board of Commissioners.

According to Coos County Clerk Debbie Heller, if none of the candidates received the majority of the votes, or more than 50 percent of the total votes, then the two top vote-getters would advance to the general election.

Main and Eymann secured those spots and will go head-to-head in November. Main received 40.01 percent of the vote, or 7,604 votes and Eymann received 26.89 percent of the vote, or 5,110 votes.

A total of five people were vying for Coos County Commissioner, Position 1, including Main, Eymann, Sam Schwarz, Pam Lewis and Edward Cordova.

 “I think this race gives the county a real choice between the past and the future,” said Eymann in an interview with The World on Tuesday. “The opponent has been there a while and he represents the past and I represent the future. I’m really hopeful the county makes the transition into a bright future.”

Eymann, who celebrated Election night by hosting a virtual party online, said in her campaign she wanted voters to understand that they have a choice to switch up their local leadership. Strengthening local industries such as fishing remains a top priority for Eymann as well as looking into new, off-shore wind energy jobs for the county.

In a previous interview with The World, Main said keeping the county financially stable, restoring local jobs and getting people back to work were issues he said he would continue to tackle on as Coos County commissioner.

Following behind Eymann was Schwarz with 16.30 percent of the vote, or 3,097 votes. Schwarz, of Coos Bay, ran his campaign focused on a number issues some of which included strengthening local trade-school programs, reforming the county’s economy and working with agencies for skills training.

“I want to thank everyone that shares the same vision that I do for you know a stronger, more resilient community,” said Schwarz. “… I am very grateful from the bottom of my heart for those people who shared my vision and casted a vote my way.”

Schwarz added he will continue to participate to work on various projects independently and advocate for renewable energy programs, trade schools as well as food reserve programs in Oregon.  

Behind Schwarz was Lewis with 13.55 percent of the vote, or 2,575 votes. Cordova received 2.90 percent of the vote, or 551 votes and about 0.36 percent of the vote were write-ins, which totaled 68 votes.

Final unofficial results for other county positions were also released Tuesday night. According to the Coos County Elections Office, incumbent Paul Frasier, who ran unopposed for Coos County District Attorney, received 96.88 percent of the vote, or 13,082 votes. For Coos County Assessor, incumbent Steve Jansen received 98.90 percent of the vote, or 13,154 votes, and for Coos County Surveyor, incumbent Michael L. Dado received 99.19 percent of the vote, or 13,069 votes. Those two races also were uncontested.

The Election’s Office will have approximately 20 days from May 19 to certify the results, said Heller.

Main, Lewis and Cordova couldn’t be reached for comment by deadline on Tuesday.

Reporter Amanda Linares can be reached at 541-266-6039 or by email at


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