Douglas Electric Cooperative continues to work hard to restore power to 2,000 homes, which have been dark since the Feb. 24 storm.

SOUTH COAST — After being closed for almost two weeks, U.S. Highway 101 is open again at milepost 344.

In a press release from the Oregon Department of Transportation on Saturday, Feb. 9, the Hooskanaden Slide was repaired enough to open a single lane on a gravel road surface. Flaggers are conducting traffic control and motorists should expect delays, the release said.

“Crews from Tidewater Contractors will be on site to maintain the gravel surface and keep the road open,” the release said. “Motorists are advised to slow down and drive with caution through the work area.”

Meanwhile, Douglas Electric Cooperative announced that 2,000 members are still without power two weeks since the storm.

“No matter how hard we wished it to get below 2,000, there was still a great deal of work accomplished,” DEC said in a release from the weekend. “Another good-weather day certainly helped.”

However, a couple areas remain the same as DEC encounters delays at both Upper Smith River and London Mountain areas. The delays are due to road closures and are inaccessible.

“Of all the initial road closures and debris to clean up, which prevented us from accessing our damaged equipment, only these two remain,” the release said. “When that is cleared up, we will begin restoration efforts in those areas.”

But Hogan Road and Curtain are exceptions with more work to be done, sitting in a portion of Douglas County that was hit hardest by the storm.

“Our hope is that we have most everyone up and running by the end of the week,” the release said. “Consumers who have damaged meter bases must have them repaired by an electrician and ‘green tagged’ by the state electrical inspector before we can energize the service. Not having this done when we show up on the property will delay power restoration.”

DEC hopes for more improvements on Monday.

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