ENGLEWOOD DIKING DISTRICT — After noticing a significant amount of water pouring into the field near Old Wireless Lane, two members of the Englewood Dike Advisory Board came to find that the water was coming through because a 3-foot tide gate about a quarter mile down the dike was gone.

Tom Gollihur, the superintendent of the dike district, went out Monday morning to fill a sink hole that a fellow member of the district told him about the day prior.

“We made it to the sink hole and discovered that there’s a 3-foot tide gate up there that is gone,” Gollihur said. “The pipe and the tide gate came out of where they’re supposed to go through the dike.”

Gollihur found the missing pipe and tide gate wedged in the mud around 100 yards downstream.

This means at that section of the dike there is no tide gate and water is coming in and out with the tide.

“I’ve been on the phone all day with the Army Corps of Engineers, the City of Coos Bay, and Coos County Emergency Management and we’re going to meet at low tide tomorrow and try to figure out what to do about the problem,” Gollihur said.

The hundred-year-old wall is maintained solely by the district, which has been a problem in recent years because the district doesn’t have enough money to get the necessary repairs done on the dike.

“We have not been able to maintain it. We’ve pleaded with everyone, we’ve applied for grants, and we’ve done everything we think we can do. Now we have a situation and we’re not sure how we’re going to resolve it,” Gollihur said.

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