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100 YEARS — 1920-21

Start movement to unite towns

E. George Smith of Eastside favors consolidation

Election of R.T. Whitty as mayor of Eastside approved — reject offer of park

At a meeting of the Eastside city council, Mayor E. George Smith announced that he had taken preliminary steps to secure a consolidation of Eastside with Marshfield. He is in favor of uniting all of the the towns on the Bay and will start with Eastside. He expects to appear with a committee before the Marshfield city council next Monday night to get action on the matter.

He discussed the matter with Mayor Ferguson of Marshfield and the latter suggested a meeting of a committee from Eastside with the Marshfield city council. Mayor Smith said that R.T. Whitty who will succeed him as mayor did not altogether approve of it and so Mr. Smith is arranging to circulate a petition among Eastside residents.

Mr. Smith would like to see Eastside, Bunker Hill, Englewood, Marshfield and North Bend all united.

One of the reasons for taking the matter up now is to simplify the construction of a bridge between Eastside and Marshfield. Mayor Smith says that the ferry is not satisfactory. He is opposed to the plan that has been suggested of putting the bridge across above the Eastside mill as he thinks that is too circuitous a route.

Charged with selling drinks

J. Humes arrested at Front Street place

Harry Rose who was also wanted, gets away — officers had a search warrant

Chief Carter and Constable Goodman made a raid yesterday afternoon at the soft drink place at 371 Front street opposite police headquarters. They said they had information that moonshine was being sold by the drink. They were armed with a search warrant. Chief Carter looked through the place on the lower floor and Constable Goodman went up stairs and in a room found six bottles of moonshine.

J. Humes was arrested for having the moonshine in his possession. Harry Rose who is said to be connected with the place was also about, but when the officers found the liquor he got away before he was placed under arrest. Humes gave bond in the sum of $100 for his appearance before Recorder Butler.

Xmas tree cause of fire scare

Candles are lighted with disastrous results

Herman Anderson of South Tenth Street extinguishes blaze in house

Lighting the candles on the Christmas tree which had been retained in the Herman Anderson home on South Tenth street, near Central, almost resulted disastrously last evening. The dry fir twigs ignited from the flames and in an instant the tree became a pyramid of fire.

The family were all nearby and after phoning the fire alarm to Central, Mr. Anderson grabbed a bucket of water and soon had the blaze extinguished. Practically no damage was done to the house, except the dirt from the soot and water. The tree stood in the corner of a front room.

Mr. Anderson bought the house, which adjoins the one occupied by Councilman Tom James, from J. C. Swanson, brother-in-law of Fire Chief Davis, last year.

This is the first fire resulting from a Christmas tree on Coos Bay this year.

50 YEARS — 1970-71

Capacity crowd bids farewell to Umpqua Coast Guardman McAdams

REEDSPORT — A capacity crowd gathered for a farewell dinner to say thanks and God speed to Master Chief Boatswain’s Mate Tom McAdams, commanding officer of the Umpqua River Coast Guard station for the past 4 ½ years. Beside McAdams was Captain Fred Goettel, operations director of the 13th Coast Guard District, Seattle, who welcomed the Umpqua Station chief to his new district level assignment.

Captain Goettel told the crowd of around 100 Douglas County public officials and civic leaders that McAdams new assignment will stress preventative search and rescue programs. He said that McAdams’ background of intensive and wide experience in small craft water safety work equips him to extend the preventative phases of the search and rescue responsibilities. Various phases of public relations and education will be included in the new job, the Captain explained. McAdams will work with U.S. Coast Guard training schools in the “SAR” — search and rescue program.

Goettel announced that the Umpqua station replacement will be Chief Boatswain’s Mate James T. Whalen, now at Grays Harbor.

20 YEARS — 2000

Birthday wish nets large haul for pets

Animal Shelter: Gifts total 150 pounds of litter, 30 pounds of food, toys and more

While most 10-year-olds want Pokemon cards, roller blades, CDs and as many presents as possible for their birthday, on his day of celebration Daniel Hollihan wanted only to help the feline population of the Coos County Animal Shelter.

For his birthday last May, the Charleston Elementary fourth grader asked his friends for kitty litter, food and cat toys.

He was surprised at the haul — about 150 pounds of litter, 30 pounds of food, two grocery bags of toys, some food dishes and a scratching post.

When Daniel and his parents, Roberta and Jack Hollihan, delivered the donations to the shelter, Coos County Sheriff Andy Jackson presented Daniel with an award of appreciation. Additionally, shelter personnel surprised Daniel with a black Labrador retriever puppy, which he named Buster.

Bird counters vie for record

COQUILLE — As the first light lifted to expose a thin layer of fog on the Coquille Valley Sunday morning, Geoffrey Keller and Dennis Vroman were armed and ready.

Keller and Vroman arrived near Sturdivant Park at 7 a.m., hoping to summon common and elusive species of birds from the twilight using a tape recorder loaded with a variety of birdcalls.

As the morning progressed, the two men were rewarded with an unusual melody of birds intermingling their songs under the warming sun. Keller said it’s a rarity to hear so many of them during the winter.

“Usually, they reserve that for breeding,” he said.

Vroman, who came from Grants Pass to help count bird species from Bandon to Coquille, also found the chatter unusual. “It’s almost like summer,” he said.

Uncommon, yes, but that’s winter in the birder’s paradise known as the South Coast. Of the 1,800 counts held in North America last year, the Coos Bay count, conducted in Coos Bay and North Bend, was ranked 33rd for the highest number of species.

The Coquille Valley count, held from Bandon to Coquille, had long held the state record for the number of species spotted in the region with 159, but two weeks ago, counters in the Coos Bay area recorded 160 species, taking over the reign from Coquille as top winter bird colony in the state.

Thornton leads Braves to crown

Basketball: Reedsport sophomore has huge game for home team at Dune Country Classic

REEDSPORT — Nick Borrevik hit the game-winning shot, but was quick to defer credit to teammate Josh Thornton as Reedsport captured the Dune Country Classic crown Saturday night.

Borrevik, a junior and Reedsport’s normal scoring leader, rebounded in Nick Vander Kley’s missed 3-pointer as the horn sounded to give the Braves a 48-46 victory over Baker in the tournament championship game.

But it was Thornton’s 29 points that put Reedsport in position for the win. The sophomore scored 15 of Reedsport’s 17 points in the third quarter, including nine straight as part of an 18-2 run that bridged the third and fourth quarters and brought the Braves from down 35-26 to up 44-37.

“I was due,” Thornton said. “I haven’t had a good game since last year.”

Thornton hit his final nine shots of the night and finished the evening 11-for-14 from the floor, including three 3-pointers.

“They got me the ball, I just shot,” he said.

These stories were found in the Marshfield Sun Printing Museum newspaper repository stored in Marshfield High School courtesy of Coos Bay Schools.


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