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Isn’t it amazing how quickly time passes and what is important to community life changes? Do you remember Vollsted Volkswagen or the Emporium or the Hub in downtown Coos Bay? Change, that is directed with vision, can chart a course to a great future. Let’s continue to focus on those BOLD ideas.

BOLD is a community defining its vision, mission and values and collaborating with civic officials and leaders throughout the community to come together for the success of the Bay Area. Our community has survived because of the passion of the people that live here. Where would this area be without the John Whitty’s, the Louie Simpson’s, the Gordon Ross’s or dozens of others throughout our history. Where would this community be without all of us that care enough about it to come to activities like EOF and learn what opportunities and challenges are facing our economy in the future, so that we can plan to succeed? You are all leaders. Everyone plays a role in this community. It’s our time to come together with a common vision for, and a common voice defining, what our home is and will be. It is time that we took the reins and define who we are, what we want to be and what is good for us and our children. Now that’s a BOLD idea.

In a study about nations, it was asked, is a nation’s positive image of its future a function of its success or is its success a function of its positive image of its future? What they found was, in all cases, significant vision preceded significant success. Many nations began their climb to greatness without the right resources, population base or strategic advantages. What they did have was a detailed, extensive and significant vision of what they could become. This is also true about communities, businesses and even you. So, how about helping detail our vision for Oregon’s Bay Area.

What are the most noticeable differences you would like to see here in 2031? What would be different? How will the population mix differ from what it is now? What lifestyle changes have taken place? How will these differences affect your city? How will local government be different? What would it be like to live here? What would be the same?

While some of you have participated before, I’m asking each of you to take some time, put some thought into it and detail your 2031 vision for our home. Use some of your BOLD ideas in the plan. This is an open book test, so get as much help from your family and friends as you want. Please share your thoughts with me at the chamber office prior to month’s end. This is really the first step in creating our own future. So, like the old hymn, we can truly “brighten the corner where you are.”

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