Tall Ships

The tall ship Hawaiian Chieftain floats dockside along the boardwalk in downtown Coos Bay.

COOS BAY — Although Maritime Legacy Days ended weeks ago, Grays Harbor Historical Seaport’s tall ship the Hawaiian Chieftain has stayed behind while it looks to bolster the vessel’s crew.

While docked in Coos Bay the captain of the Hawaiian Chieftain’s contract with Grays Harbor ran out, leaving the ship without a captain.

Currently Grays Harbor is in the process of getting the tall ship back to Washington to fill the position and get back to sailing up and down the coast.

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Grays Harbor has said that they have no idea how long the ship will remain here in Coos Bay.

The ship will not be opening up for tours during this downtime, not even over the Memorial Day weekend. However, officials hope to have the ship set sail for Washington before this weekend.

The position of captain is not the only spot open aboard the Hawaiian Chieftain, the ship is also looking for an engineer and a cook to join the crew.

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