New docks at Sturdivant Park in Coquille

After three years, the docks at Sturdivant Park in Coquille have been replaced and are open to the public. 

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COQUILLE — Since the dock at Sturdivant Park in Coquille washed out around three years ago the city’s public works department has been working diligently to have new docks installed, and now the new docks have been opened up to the public.

“It’s taken us three years to go through the permitting process, the design process, and the installation,” Coquille Public Works and Planning Director Kevin Urban said.

Funding the dock was an effort of several different agencies, including Sport Fish Restoration, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Oregon State Marine Board, the Port of Bandon, Oregon Department of State Lands, Wild Rivers Coast Alliance and Pacific Power.  

“The Marine Board designed the docks and gave us a big portion of the funding, and also helped with the permitting,” Urban said.

Three years ago a high water flooding event tore off the docks that were previously at Sturdivant Park.

“The original design wasn’t all that great, and we talked about just replacing those sections. When the Marine Board came out and inspected, they determined that they were past their useful life and needed to be replaced,” Urban said.

Still left to do, the docks need to have some maintenance on the boat ramp, and remove some invasive species from the river bank, and replant new plant species.

The project cost $400,000 and was funded almost entirely through different grants and contributions.

Different from the old docks, the new ones are not wooden. They are aluminum docks, and according to Urban they are much sturdier.

“We redesigned how the docks work out there. Before, the dock was at the very head of the ramp, so when the water was flowing pretty hard down the river there was a lot pushing against those sections of the dock. Now what we’ve done is we’ve moved the gangway down to the transient dock, which is at an angle so that it’s going to shed water and shed debris so that even the fast moving flood waters shouldn’t be pushing it down,” Urban said.

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